Viking Fortress Trelleborg – 980 AD

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Model Size: 22 x 22 x 1,7 cm
Scale: 1:2000
Materials: Resin
Suitable for wall mounting: Yes
Product code: 10060

During the reign of the Danish viking king Harold Bluetooth (Harald Blåtand) several major fortresses were erected in Denmark and the southern part of modern Sweden. These viking fortresses were all build in a precise circular form and indicates that a strong royal power was emerging. The construction of them also shows that the Vikings possesed great mathematical and technical skills.

The model shows the viking fortress Trelleborg near the city Slagelse on western Zealand, Denmark. This fortress was build in an area where streams of water was protecting the facility. The strategically important water is  visible on the model.

The fortress had four gates each pointing directly to one of the four corners of the world. On the model the four gates stands open but archaeologists still debate whether the gates were covered on top when the fortress was used.8000 oak trees were used to build the fortress. Trelleborg is not the most extensive of the viking ring fortresses but the inner diameter is still an impressive 136 metre. The long houses build inside the cicular mould was probably soldiers quarters.

The work of archaeologists have shown that timber used to build Trelleborg was cut down in the years of 980 and 981. They assume that the Vikings used approximately 8000 big oak trees to build palisades, houses and roads of Trelleborg.

Latitude: 55°23’39″N and longitude: 11° 15’55″V